RISE (Recognize, Inspire, Share, Engage)

The ChampionX women’s leadership-focused business resource group


RISE was created to Recognize, Inspire, Share and Engage ChampionX associates to measurably accelerate the advancement of women leaders to drive business growth. The Aberdeen RISE chapter was launched in 2018 and has developed a strong community while delivering opportunities for networking and mentoring.


  • Engage our field associates by creating virtual chapters that produce content focused on the specific needs of remote workers.
  • Continue to expand chapters around the world.
  • Develop a value campaign that ties our efforts to the growth of both the associates and culture of ChampionX.
  • Expand our reach by highlighting RISE goals and activities at monthly team meetings.


  • Provide opportunities for all associates to voice their thoughts and give members opportunities to develop different personal strengths aligned with their development plans.
  • Focus on inclusion: “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.” –Verna Myers
  • Aberdeen RISE team currently has five committees to support our goals:
    Membership and Communications: plans and communicates events aligned with RISE strategic goals and objectives; creates an inclusive environment to engage membership.
    Professional Development: provides opportunities for all members to design and deliver training (examples: Courage training, Transferable Skills training).
    Networking: enables the development of purposeful networking skills.
    Mentoring: trains program participants in Teamwork & Diversity, Global Leadership, Financials, and Career Development.
    Virtual: provides an opportunity for our field and remote associates to participate.